Welcome to the Libera Chat ##math channel’s home page! We are an IRC community interested in mathematics on all levels.


The ##math channel can be found on irc.libera.chat:6697 (TLS). Or join directly in the web client. Further information on connecting to Libera Chat can be found here.


  • Just ask your question! Please ask a complete question, using a pastebin like MathB.in if the question is longer than a couple of lines. Links to screenshots of problems are common as well. This way people can better decide whether they can help you.
  • Be patient. Many users are doing other things and only check for interesting topics on IRC on occasion.
  • Limit off-topic chatter to a minimum. There’s a ##math-offtopic channel for lengthy discussions about topics other than math.
  • Alert a channel operator in case of trouble. The ##math-ops channel is a good place for that.